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Neighborhood Contacts

Neighborhood Contacts


To report problems or ask questions, please contact any of the Directors listed below.

[contact information (e.g., telephone number and email address) for each of the current Directors was published in the most recent issue of the KDCA Newsletter]


Mailing Address:          Kensington Downs Community Association, Inc.

 Post Office Box 15431

 Fort Wayne, Indiana    46885-5431


Carol A. Griffin    

KDCA President and District 4 Representative  (term expires - Nov 2018)                      Editor, Kensington Downs Newsletter  


Phone number:  (260) 749-5308


Allison Corron                                                                                                             KDCA Vice President and District 3 Representative  (term expires - Nov 2018) 


 Phone number:  (260) 245-0199


N. Arlene Klapes                                                                                                    KDCA Secretary and District 6 Representative  (term expires - Nov 2018)  


Phone number:  (260) 749-7432


Carl Wheeler                                                                                                  KDCA Treasurer and District 3 Representative  (term expires - Nov 2019)


Phone number:  (260) 749-1009



Jennifer Cardone   
  Board Member - District 5 Representative  (term expires - Nov 2020)


Thomas Eggold 
  Board Member - District 2 (The Villas) Representative   (term expires - Nov 2018)


Frank Kline
  Board Member - District 4 (The Villas) Representative   (term expires - Nov 2020)


Barbara Lepper  
  Board Member - District 1 Representative  (term expires - Nov 2018)


Larry Porter
  Board Member - District 2 Representative  (term expires - Nov 2019)


Lyn Schlegel                                                                                                                   Board Member - District 2 Representative  (term expires - Nov 2018)  


Linda Shively                                                                                                                 Board Member - District 6 Representative  (term expires - Nov 2018)   



Members of the Architectural Control & Review Committee

Cary Baron  (Commitee Chairperson)

Kevin Grady                  

Peter Hilty           

Lynne Ticen          

* for contact information (phone, email, address), see "Pages and Links" section of the KD website

Mar 14: KDCA Board of Directors Meeting
Apr 18: KDCA Board of Directors Meeting
May 10: Spring 2018 - KDCA Garage Sale
May 23: KDCA Board of Directors Meeting
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