Kensington Downs

Happy 25th Anniversary, KDCA*


 Kensington Downs Community Association, Inc. (KDCA) was established      as a not-for-profit corporation in the State of Indiana on February 2, 1988;  and our homeowner association is still going strong after 25 years!

 The primary purpose of any homeowner association (HOA) is to maintain  and enhance property values through enforcement of the covenants and  maintenance of the common areas.  The developer typically creates the HOA  during the early phases of building in the subdivision, and each homeowner  automatically becomes a member of the HOA when they purchase their  home.  Colonial Development Corporation (Roger, Herbert and Larry  Delagrange) began building Kensington Downs (KD) in 1987 with  construction of the villaminiums and the homes along Welshire Blvd.,      Bent Willow Drive, and Oxford Court.  Building in our subdivision continued  over the next 7-8 years, until the last home lots were completed along  Greymoor Drive, Brimfield Court, and Scarlet Court.


 KDCA is governed by a Board of Directors, which initially was comprised    of the developer (Colonial) and its representatives, with control transitioning  completely to the KDCA members-homeowners by December 31, 1994.    Since January 1995, the KDCA Board of Directors has been populated    solely by KD homeowner-volunteers, who have been elected by the KDCA  membership during the annual meeting each November.


 The Association's various governing documents (e.g., the articles of  incorporation, covenants and bylaws) are very important in defining            the community standards for the purpose of protecting property values.          It is the job of the Board of Directors to uphold these restrictive covenants,  bylaws, architectural guidelines, rules and regulations while also seeing      to the day-to-day affairs of KDCA.  Clearly, a strong and committed Board of  Directors is critical, and the willingness of KD homeowners to serve on that  Board is essential.  Let's keep KDCA going strong for the next 25 years      and beyond - please consider serving on the KDCA Board of Directors.


 * This article was written by N. Arlene Klapes - originally published                                 in April 2013 and reprinted with permission.

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